Are you ready?

April 26, 2015


It is closed and confirmed. The place? Madrid , Palacio de Vistalegre . The date? On Friday June 5th . The players? It couldn't be otherwise , Nicolás González and Nacho Mendoza , two of the strongest fighters in the national scene. Definitely an event that is better not miss. you must live it and feel the environment. Coming soon more about ticket sales . Thanks for suppoting us.


A dozen

April 18, 2015


The KO ended with the  Ronny McField boxer in the fifth round. Now Nicolás González is already thinking about his next challenge Nacho Mendoza for the Spanish Championship  on June 5 . We want to thank everybody who came to support us in the fight. See you in Madrid, at El Palacio de Vistalegre.

He´s done it again! Victory against Kevin Dotel

March 6, 2015


 We want to thank everybody who came to support us !! Nicolas Gonzalez Perez made ​​a powerful fight and has done another step in his career. We are very proud of him while we admire his hard work  day by day. The April 18 Nico will be fighting again in Madrid 8 rounds.

Nicolás González Pérez will be back on March 6

February 6, 2015


Finally, his opponent will be the undefeated Kelvin Cabrera Dotel (won 6 (KO 3) + lost 0 (KO 0) + drawn 0=6) in Torrejon de Ardoz, Madrid. We will also see the same day fighters  like Ferino V or Christian Morales. Definitely you must not miss this show. Hope to see you all.  Soon we will give more details about the tickets.

Nicolás González done it again! Win by KO

22 Noviembre 2014


Win by KO in the first assault. Once again we are very proud of him for the dedication, effort and the work done in each preparation and how is reflected in the ring. Thanks to everyone that came and all your support! Now in more or less 19 days we are going to Las Vegas for the convention of the WBC (World Boxing Council). Nico will be trainning there! We will inform you !! A hug to all and THANK YOU !!

Nicolás González is back! 22th November is the date

11 October 2014


We are glad to announce that Torrejon will be the next stop of Nicolas Gonzalez Perez. The date 22th November. At the distance of 8 rounds against Michael Oyono. We have reached an agreement, so  they put some weight down and we rise it so this battle can be done in 65kg. 


Thanks to TC Garden Gym for hosting in this great evening. Greetings all.

The ninth victory of TNT Nicolás González

27 September 2014


Thank you very much to everybody who came yesterday and always support us. You are great !! Nicolás won by Ko in the second assault. We are very proud of him. He will be on the ring in November again.


In just one year of professional boxer, Nicolas Gonzalez Perez has achieved to be among the 179 best in the world at his weight  of almost 1500 fighters in the prestigious  BoxRec page. A success achieved thanks to his hard work and dedication.

Nicolás González has a new opponent

12 August 2014


Finally, after Chereji`s injury and Emiliano Casal intestinal problems , rival Nicolas Gonzalez Perez has a new opponent: Anzor Gamgebeli. The event will be in  Asador Enrique, Madrid. 12 rounds of boxing. Tickets are now on sale at La Colonia Boxing Club. 

For more information contact us via email, facebook or twitter. 

Thank you.


The next opponent will be the unbeaten James Chereji

August 12, 2014 


We announce that the next opponent will be the Romanian unbeaten , living in Germany, James Chereji - 7 wins, 6 of them by KO - 0 losses. The fight will be on September 26 in Madrid, at the Asador Enrique, for the WBC Mediterranean at the distance of 12 rounds. Soon we will be giving more details on the ticketing and other battles. 


Nicolás González again on the ring for his first title

July 30, 2014


Nicolas Gonzalez Perez will be back on the ring  26th September in Madrid. He will be fighting for his first title. These months we will inform you about all the details. Have a good summer, while we train hard!

Great victory against Jair Cortés

June 27, 2014 


Great victory of Nicolas Gonzalez Perez against a hard fighter. Jair Cortés endured all the blows that Nico led him throughout all the rounds. To the extent that Jair was throwing in the towel, but the boxer knew how to stand until the end. Thanks to everyone who attended the show in Colmenar. Soon back harder. Happy holidays.


Jair Cortés will be Nicolá 's  next opponent for Colmenar Viejo

22 Junio 2014


The next Nicolas Gonzalez Perez opponent on Friday June 27 in Colmenar Viejo will be the boxer JAIR CORTES from Dojo Zaragoza Team.

We have tickets available. Contact us.


Great victory in Daganzo against Alex Bone 

30 May 2014


New victory for Nicolas Gonzalez Perez. We are very proud of him and his work. Seven wins in seven fights, he is doing a great job. 

As always thank you very much to everybody who came  and for all your support.

You are the best. A hug.



Nico returns to the ring on 30 May in Daganzo 

13 May 2014


Coming further information. Within two weeks or so we will see again  Nicolás González above a ring through the show  held in Daganzo. 


An evening where the Madrid's future promises of boxing and the major boxing schools in Madrid will be involved. Also  added to the professional fighter Nicholas, other two professional will fight that fight: Cristian Morales and Cristian Velez.



Nicolás Gonzalez sixth victory aganist Santos Medrano in Leganés

12 Mayo 2014

Great night yesterday with another victory for Nicolas Gonzalez Perez .

Good victory worked against a very tough opponent and rise to the occasion.


I want to emphasize that Nico spent seven months doing no sparring with southpaw and above the ring was not noticed in no time , is a pleasure to work with him.


Thank you very much for all that you came and all who support us. Thanks to all the boxers and clubs that fought yesterday you did a very good show. Of course thanks to Invictus Box , they are essential for me.


Finally I want to make special mention for Jose Garcia and Santos Medrano Ubin Jarquin for taking the fight so late . Be aware of the tremendous work done by these guys and save so many shows worldwide . 


Once again thank you all. And say that Nico returns to fight on May 30 in Madrid, so I hope to see toy all there. Big huge.


Tickets now available

29 Abril 2014


Tickets now available for the next fight at Leganés, 9th may 2014.


Wea re waiting for you all!

Sparring in Maravillabox Gym

25 April 2014


Very good sparring day at Maravillabox gym.


It´s only two weeks left for  Nicolas Gonzalez Perez fight. On Monday we will have the tickets for sale.


Thanks to Molu Ruiz for all the material he provides to our boxer and everything he does for us.


Next show 9th May 2014

22 April 2014


Nicolas Gonzalez Perez will face on 9th May the boxer Beka Sadjaia from Gallego Prada Team in super lightweight.


 It will be at 21:00 h in Leganés, Gimnasio In Time Madrid.


We will also have many of the best amateur boxers in Madrid.


 In a few days we will have all the tickets.


Campeonato de España Sandor vs Mendoza

29 March 2014


On our way to Barcelona to see the Spanish Championship between Sandor Martín and Nacho  Mendoza.


We want to send our congratulations to the whole Team Carlos Formento for their victories yesterday. So glad for you and  Jerobe Santana Talavera, Sultan Nebil y Cristian Montilla Pluto.


A hug to everyone


Preparing the next show in April

27 Marzo 2014


We are already preparing the next show with Nicolas Gonzalez Perez and our brothers from Invictus Box. It will be on April 25th in Madrid.


Many thanks to Invictus for our cool t-shirts!


Nicolás González will be again on the ring next April

Marzo 2014


Nicolas Gonzalez Perez is already preparing for his next fight in April. In a few days we will be giving all the details of the fight and his opponent.


Thank you very much to all who are supporting us daily.


Nicolás González will fight again in April

Marzo 2014


After the victory of Nicolas Gonzalez Perez on Saturday, his now again training. This morning we went to Peñafría. Four hours of climbing in the mountains.


Nico will be back in April to fight.


New victory by KO

Marzo 2014


Congratulations to Nicolás González!


Nicolás González won by TKO in the third assault. Five professional fights and five wins by KO! We are very proud of him. We will be working and fighting for the triumph.


Perfect weighing from Nicolás Gonzalez

Marzo 2014

Nicolas Gonzalez and his rival in weight.

Tomorrow war!